Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Downsizeology™ offer?
We offer purchasing single items or entire estates, express clean out service, managing an estate sale, consigning for high end items.

Our community does not allow estate sales. Can you help us?
Yes. We come directly to your home and purchase the entire estate. We will come and take everything out in a few days. This is not an ESTATE sale.
Will you buy the entire contents of my home?
Yes. We can take all the contents of your home and give you cash on the spot.
How much preparation work must I do before your consultation?
None. In fact, we recommend that you do not clean, do not have a yard sale, do not bring anything to a donation center, or discard any items until you have consulted with us. Often times items that you think may have little or no value could be worth cash.
How long will the entire process take?
For estate buying, it takes anywhere from a couple of hours to a few days.
What if we need to liquidate an estate immediately?
We work quickly and efficiently to liquidate your estate immediately so you can receive cash on the spot.
Do you conduct estate sales in my home open to the public?
Yes. We will conduct an estate sale open to the public should you so desire. Often times we find the customer prefers us to buy individual items or the entire estate.
Are you insured?
Yes.We are insured with the American Safety Insurance Company. We are a member of the ACNA, the Antiques and Collectibles National Association.
Do you have a physical location?
Yes. We come to you but we have a large office and warehouse in Lakewood Ranch.
Do you have references that I may contact directly?
Yes. References are available upon request.
Will Downsizeology™ buy from out of state?
Yes. We will travel to other states or view your collection via the internet.Please feel free to call us for a consultation.
My family member passed away and I am in another state, do I need to be there?
No. We often deal with family members located in another state. We will handle everything from purchasing your items to a complete clean out of your home, leaving it broom swept and ready to put on the market.

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